How Digital Marketing Will Change after Corona?

Corona/Covid-19 Pandemic has effected the entire world and it is very unlikely that any of us will be able to live the same life anytime soon. With changing habits of people, the way we market is also going to change. 

Digital Marketing after Corona Lockdown


Buying Habits Will Change

With the lockdown in place, people shifted to online marketplaces to purchase essential items. This gave the marketplaces a super boost where Amazon reaped $1100 every second.

A lot of these people are going to stick with online stores for future purchases due to easiness and discounts. This will also increase the sellers in the market as more and more shop owners will try to be on a safer side to survive any such future incidents.


Running Ads Will Get Expensive


As the competition will rise and every company will try to cover up their losses. The online space will be on fire.

All the brands cut down on their marketing budget around the Corona time and focused mostly on organic reach. Social Media became one of the only ways how brands were interacting with their users.

Once pandemic will be over big brands will jump into the market in order to retarget their customers with all the audience they have built by serving content. In the war of big brands, small brands will suffer to get reach. CPC will also get expensive by 30% than usual.


Content Marketing Will Grow


Brands will start focusing more on organic reach due to hefty cuts on budget. Seo and Content Marketing will dominate the online space for a while.

Rich media content will become more dynamic as all the marketers will try to figure out quirky ways to engage with their audience. This will also shorten the lifespan of trends.

get custom instagram filters

AR and VR will become a big part of content strategy. Since people will avoid visiting crowded places for a long time so brands will try to bring the store experience directly to the user. Brands will also roll out their customized filters for Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. Since these filters are an only one-time investment they work as an asset for the company.


Evolution of Sustainable Brands 

A lot of people will take a lesson from the pandemic and adapt to a sustainable lifestyle. This immediate change will cause a sudden decrease in demand for meat and leather products in the market.

People will choose eco-friendly options over the glittery packaging. The keywords like “Eco-Friendly”, “sustainable”, “biodegradable” and other LSI keywords will get a lot of traffic. Sustainability will become an essential part of any branding campaign and our life.


A rise in Demand for One-Stop Marketing Solutions 


Due to lack of cash inflow brands will start looking out for one-stop solution providers instead of hiring an entire team for their marketing needs. This will help startups and small brands in surviving the hard times without losing a lot of money.

Needs like Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Content Creation, PPC, and Facebook Advertisement can be outsourced to the agencies and it costs half the amount of hiring and entire inhouse team.

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